Tips To Score 9 Bands in the IELTS Exam

Getting 9 bands in the IELTS exam is considered a very daunting task by the majority of the test takers. Many believe that it is nearly impossible to get the perfect band score of 9. Just a mere thought of achieving 9 bands can make anyone brim with joy and excitement. But the majority of the students assume that only proficient native speakers can think of getting 9 bands in the IELTS exam but these notions are entirely incorrect. The thing is that nothing is impossible in this life. We tend to undermine ourselves and this prevents us from conquering the unachievable. If you have made a firm decision to achieve something then you can move the mountains to get that.

Getting 9 bands is a huge thing. Many dream to get that but often have self-doubts about their capabilities. See it can surely be difficult especially if you are a non-native speaker but hang in there! As we said before if you have set your eyes on something before then nothing is impossible. Are you aiming to get 9 bands in the IELTS exam? If yes then it would be vital to take help from professionals. We suggest you join this renowned institute providing IELTS online coaching classes and move closer to your dream of achieving the perfect band score.

Is it really hard to get 9 bands? 

See there is no denying that getting 9 bands in the IELTS exam is a herculean task. You have to be at the top of your preparations. Your vocabulary has to be excellent. Your fluency and pronunciation have to be top-notch. You should be able to speak and express your opinions, ideas, etc very effectively and clearly to the examiner with full confidence. There has to be no space for any lapse or mistake. You got to be perfect. So yes reading all this might make you feel it’s not your cup of tea to get 9 bands but before you let such thoughts enter your mind, chill and read the below tips to aim for the perfect band score of 9.

Do smart work 

Smart work is basically finding the quickest yet most effective way to do something. Working hard is no longer seen as the best method to achieve your goals. When you work hard you are just putting in too many hours into strenuous activity but when you work smartly you are able to utilize time well. While talking about the IELTS exam you have to be a very smart reader. You will be provided with long reading passages. You cannot go on and on reading them in full detail. Just check the questions and then go through the passage. Skip all the unnecessary details which have no relevance to the questions asked. 

In the writing section, some students believe if they write more than the word limit it will put a good impression on the examiner and show that they know much more about the topic but this is absolutely baseless. You have to be a smart writer and convey your ideas within the given word limit. 

Identifying weak areas

Once you have prepared for all the modules of the IELTS exam then find out the module where you are not that effective in. You have to aim for above 8.5  bands in every module so the preparation of every module has to be perfect. You cannot afford to lose marks in any of them.  Dig out the sample writing answers of those who got 9 bands. Now carefully read their answers and compare them with yours. This will help you find out if you are missing out on something. Youtube is full of videos of interviews with successful candidates. Browse through all of them. See how the toppers speak and observe the kind of ideas they generate and the way they express and communicate them to the examiner during their IELTS exam. 

Expose yourself to English as much as possible 

You need to completely immerse yourself in the English language before your IELTS exam. Expose yourself to English every day. Instead of wasting time on irrelevant tv shows switch to watching English news channels like the BBC, CNN, etc. Watch wildlife channels and listen to their excellent English commentary. Read English newspapers daily. It will make you aware of so many new and interesting words and increase your vocabulary by leaps and bounds. 

Try to converse in English with others. If you are finding it hard in the first place don’t worry when you speak daily then you will be able to get a steady flow in it. Join online groups where people frequently discuss the IELTS exam.

Many students prepare for the PTE exam too. If you wish to get the maximum score in the PTE exam then we suggest you connect with the esteemed institute providing PTE online coaching and get your preparations done under the guidance of experts.

Practice more and more 

Regular practice is the key to score the best in the IELTS exam.  You have to attempt as many mock tests as possible before your final IELTS exam test. Mock tests should be timed so that you can also get an idea about your speed. If you are lacking in some sections then you can devise a strategy to increase your speed in that. You should know that for every section you have a specified time limit. 


So folks, keep this in mind nothing is unachievable in life. Proper practice and determination can do wonders. We all have potential and capabilities but many of us do not work enough to unlock that. So pull your socks up and hit the bull’s eye by getting a band score of 9 in your IELTS exam. 

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