Want to Keep an Eye on Your Feline’s Feeding Habits? Get a Smart Feeder!

Worried that your cat isn’t eating well during the day while you are away from home? If so, know that it is one of the many problems busy cat owners face daily. Even when you want to have a lunch date with your cat, work and other chores can make it impossible.

These are some reasons you should consider buying a cat feeder with innovative features. An intelligent pet feeder acts as a pet sitter, feeding station, and pet spy. Look for an all-in-one product that helps keep your furry royalty well fed and happy, and that aids you in monitoring its food intake and movements remotely.

At the same time, contemplate being prepared with a medical financial backup in terms of pet health insurance so dealing with unanticipated health situations can be easier. Consider reviewing your current cat insurance or purchasing if you haven’t bought a plan already.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn how a smart feeder can help you with monitoring your cat’s feeding habits.

Smart cat feeder

It usually has a digital scale that measures the quantity of food and water your cat requires and dispenses only so much. This way, your kitty will have access to limited portions of fresh food and water throughout the day.

Some feeders also come with a weighing station. All your cat needs to do is walk up to the station, and its weight will be displayed simultaneously; from another outlet a calculated amount of food will be released for consumption.

A few niche products have a camera attached to the food bowl with a face recognition feature to determine which cat is eating the food. This feature can be a boon in a multi pet household because it is hard to know which fur baby munched on the last refill. It helps check the freeloading of the in-house furry guests at the feeder.

Another benefit of a product with such a feature is that it helps you quantify each cat’s diet history and provides you with daily, weekly, and monthly feeding reports. Plus, it provides you with an analysis of your cat’s eating patterns and alerts you on detecting abnormal food intake.

Many smart feeders used in current times livestream the feed and also store information in the cloud. This info can be easily accessed through mobile apps anytime, anywhere.

So, who said you can’t have a lunch date with your kitty on a weekday? An efficient pet monitoring system with an integrated cat feeder allows you to have a virtual lunch date with your frisky feline at home. Or, just watch how well your fur baby eats while you are sitting comfortably on your office chair.

Even with an efficient system in place, there are limited ways to prevent your cat from getting into trouble sometimes. Accidental injuries, falls, and other health emergencies demand physical intervention.

This is one reason why you must consider being prepared with pet health insurance ahead of time. Cat insurance helps provide your feline fur baby with quality medical care at affordable costs during dire health conditions and emergencies, so why not buy a policy?

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