What Is a Men’s Hair System?

The basic design of a men’s hair system involves implanting actual human hairs into a thin membrane that is added to the scalp. Once in place, the hairs look indistinguishable from the wearer’s own hair. They are also incredibly stable and secure, and provide a natural-looking hair line. Unlike hairpieces, hair systems are comfortable and lightweight, making them ideal for almost every lifestyle.

Human hair

A human hair toupee is a popular option for bald men who want to look their best. These systems give men partial coverage of their head and can hide male pattern baldness. Toupees are easy to apply and are an excellent way to increase a man’s confidence. You can find a toupee for any occasion. Below are some of the top options. All of them have different features.


If you want to add length and fullness to your hair, a horsehair men’s wig could be just the thing for you. The most popular hair system color for men is #1B dark brown. You can find wigs in any shade of red, blonde, or white, depending on your preference. While some men prefer real human hair, it tends to tangle after five weeks. Because of this, synthetic hair systems last much longer and are easier to style.


Many different names have been used to describe men’s hair systems, including toupees, prostheses, and strand-by-strand insertion systems. Although their appearance differs from that of real hair, they all have one thing in common – they assist in covering male pattern baldness. To be effective, hairpieces must fit perfectly and give the impression of a glossy, smooth head of hair. Hairpieces can be made from several materials, including silicone, nylon, and polymers.


Unlike lace and monofilament systems, mesh systems are more resistant to damage. Their base material is smooth and does not irritate the scalp or cause sweating. The mesh material has small holes and allows air to pass through, so you can remove the system more often without the risk of damaging it. However, the small holes can lead to a buildup of gunk, so you must clean it regularly.


Hair replacement systems for men, also known as toupees or hair extensions, are designed to cover balding areas on men. Nu Hair of Texas is a Dallas-Fort Worth company specializing in hair system toupees. The toupees are available on the Internet. Unfortunately, many people buy a hairpiece without knowing the alternative. Here are some things to consider before making a purchase.

Most systems consist of two parts: a base and the hair. The hair is knotted into the base, which is generally made of Indian human hair. The four main styles of men’s lace hair system are described below. If you’re unsure of which one to choose, consider trying a few different styles before making a final decision.

Custom-made systems

French lace men’s hair toupees have a long history and a wide variety of styles, but some men want something a little more custom-made. These men may be better suited to a hair system customized for their unique needs. Custom-made hair systems are designed to fit the contour of a particular person’s hair and the texture of his existing hair. The customer’s hair texture and density are also considered in the final product.

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