What is a Self-Hosted LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an educational resource management system (ERMS) that is used by both students and teachers. The DomainRacer self-hosted lms provides necessary eLearning & LMS features for schools, healthcare, government and employee training.

The LMS learning management system is a fantastic technology for teaching online learning teaching methods to students. With it, you can successfully create and manage live classes as well as online learning courses.

In this blog, we will be looking into: What is a self-hosted LMS? and an extensive list of benefits of a self-hosted learning management system.

What is a Self-Hosted LMS?

There are two types of hosting: Self-hosted LMS and Cloud-based LMS.

As the name suggests, a self-hosted LMS is one that is installed internally. This self hosted lms hosting service is the best online training and learning live classes server company This indicates that the online tutoring software is a product offered by the solution, and its installation must be done on-premises.

To be more specific, you must host your own LMS on a server that is your own, as opposed to hosting it in the cloud LMS.

Cloud-based LMSs are hosted on the cloud. They can be accessed online, and data is typically kept on a secure server owned by a supplier.

Who needs a Self-Hosted LMS?

Since most people now see self-hosted LMS learning management systems as obsolete, they are now more of a niche option than a common one. If you are looking for well-known best web hosting provider, then find out better replacement to hostinger similar website hosting globally.

The cloud revolution currently taking place in the digital industry has made a significant contribution to the impact. However, there are some circumstances in which your business would benefit most from a self-hosted LMS.

Some of the most popular LMS platforms:

  1. DomainRacer LMS
  2. Talent LMS
  3. Thinkific

Those are some of the most well-known LMS platforms in the market. You must choose a provider who offers the good support and all resources to the client. 

Cost is a crucial consideration because they have an impact on the entire budget. Self-hosted LMS may have slightly higher initial costs, but you could end up saving a lot of money over time.

You can get the most affordable package with a low renewal cost from DomainRacer LMS. They provide a variety of tools with LMS hosting.

Core Features of DomainRacer LMS:

  • Free LMS installation and simple payment methods
  • It includes Zoom integration and options for course monetization.
  • To make your courses more interactive, you can include quizzes and online games.
  • With the help of this LMS, you can develop online free and paid courses, enroll students, create assignments, and perform installations, participation activities, public and private video software and more.
  • In addition, by enrolling in that, the student will have access to the online video course.
  • It offers you professional, knowledgeable customer support staff around-the-clock.

Advantages of Self-Hosted LMS –

Choosing the best e-learning program typically depends on your goals and how much accountability and control you want over the result.

Here are seven surprising advantages of self-hosted learning management systems:

  1. Higher Customizability –

Self-hosted LMS services frequently provide more customizability options. You can completely integrate branding into online training materials.  Many cloud-based LMS let you customize your platform to some extent, but self-hosted options typically provide a lot more choices.

2. Get Complete Control –

These self-hosted learning management systems are completely under the control of your team. They can customize it or register for extra support services.

3. Full System Integration –

You can easily integrate your new system with the current tools and perhaps other software with these self-hosted learning management systems. You have the ability to seamlessly combine all of your tools with a self-hosted LMS.

4. Data Security Measures –

Typically, the majority of LMS offer certain security of data, and each one has its own set of features to guarantee data security. DomainRacer lms offers 7+ security tools like cPguard, ImunifyAV+ & many more.

However, a self-hosted learning management system enables you to add additional data security precautions. For instance, you can implement a cutting-edge encryption system to safeguard against hacking or restrict user access to certain areas of the learning system.

5. Set the Storage Capacity –

Self-hosted LMS gives you the freedom to decide how much and where you want to store the data. To be safe, you should always back up your data on a different server.

6. You Keep all of the Revenue –

The majority of e-learning platforms generate revenue by keeping a portion of the proceeds from courses that are sold on their platform. However, the entire profits are yours when you host on your own website. No longer give the hosting service a cut.

Once you’ve decided to go with a Self-Hosted LMS, there are a few key factors you need to take into account to find the system that will work best for you.


We covered everything about self-hosted LMS in this article. As you see, having a self-hosted LMS has many benefits for both your company and your training initiatives.

They give you the ability to perform system integration, fully customize your settings, and improve your security measures.

DomainRacer is a top self-hosted LMS that enables educators and organizations to create and launch their own online tutoring business.

I hope this was helpful; please let me know if you have any further inquiries.

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