What to Do When Your Printer Won’t Print?

Why is my printer not printing?

To solve the printer trouble, it is very important to take corrective action according to the cause of the error. This blog will introduce three useful solutions to why is my printer not responding.

Three causes when printing is not possible

If you can’t print, you may have a problem with your printer, your computer, or both. If the print job (print document) is displayed, but printing does not proceed, or if the print wait is too long, it is necessary to eliminate the cause.

1. Printer error

If you cannot print, first check if the error lamp on the printer is on. If the lamp is blinking, it is possible that something is wrong with the printer, and you cannot print. If an error code appears on the printer panel, it will be easier to identify the cause, so be sure to check it.

2. PC and printer connection error

Printing is not possible unless the computer and printer are properly connected. A connection error may occur if the cable is unplugged or loose if it is wired.

One of the common connection errors is an error that displays “offline.” As the name implies, this display means that the copier / multifunction device and the personal computer are not communicating normally. This error tends to occur when a personal computer is wirelessly connected to a copier / multifunction device.

Even if you deal with it blindly, the error cannot be resolved, so let’s clarify the cause first. The error may be due to a Wi-Fi problem or a problem with data waiting to be printed. Although it is a rudimentary matter, the offline display often appears because the copier / multifunction device is not turned on.

Even if you take appropriate measures and go online, you may frequently see offline views. If it is a mechanical problem such as a broken cable or poor contact, it can be improved by replacing it. Still, if it is caused by radio wave interference, it is necessary to take measures such as bringing the router closer to the copier / multifunction device.

These connection errors can occur on a daily basis when using copiers and multifunction devices. It can be solved by using the maintenance support of the vendor, but it will be smooth if you remember the simple remedy. 

 3. PC setting error

Printing may not be possible due to the settings on the computer. In the office, it’s possible that someone else has changed the settings. 

How to resolve printer error

Rough error resolution methods are the same for different manufacturers, but specific countermeasures may differ for each manufacturer. If you have a copier / multifunction device in your office, be aware of general and manufacturer-specific remedies.

The error display displayed on the touch panel is a hint when dealing with it. You may see specific error details such as “out of ink,” or you may see an error code. Understand which error each display indicates and take appropriate action for each.

You can check the error display and remedy in the product manual, but now it is common to look it up on the Internet. You can check the error and remedy details by entering the error code and searching. “Frequently Asked Questions” for each product will also help resolve the error.

It mainly describes how to investigate the cause of the error, so if you have frequent errors in your copier / multifunction device, why not read it?

The display of error messages may differ slightly depending on the model. 

How can I fix a computer-to-printer connection problem?

A problem with the computer’s or printer’s connection could also be to fault. Check the connection to check if there’s a problem.

● Wired

Turn off your computer and printer, disconnect the cable connecting to the power cord, and reconnect it to see if you can print.

● For USB connection

If your computer has multiple USB connectors, try replacing them with other connectors to print.

Using a USB hub may also be caused by interference with the power supply or bandwidth of other USB devices. Remove the USB hub and connect the computer and printer directly. Please try to print.

● For wireless LAN connection

If the web page is not displayed, it may be due to an internet problem. Let’s solve the problem of the net.

If you are printing with a Bluetooth connection, it is possible that the Bluetooth connection is turned off.

If you cannot print, check the error code.

If the power is off, the Internet is not connected, or the cause of the trouble is identified, an appropriate countermeasure can solve it.

If you want to identify the cause, check the error code displayed on the printer itself. You can find information for solving problems by searching the code number on the manufacturer’s site.

Check the error code of the model you usually use and use it to solve the problem.


Three solutions when you can’t print with a printer! What is the cause of the error?

  • If you can’t print, it may be due to the printer, computer, or both.
  • Printer error if the error lamp is on
  • Error codes are useful for identifying printer errors
  • Determine whether there is an issue with the computer’s and printer’s connection.
  • The settings must be reset.

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