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3 Ways To Combine Online And Offline Marketing To Get Maximum Output

You might have been applying various strategic marketing techniques to grow your business. However, only some of them may be giving you lucrative outputs. Have you ever wondered what omnichannel marketing is? Omni-channel marketing is an effective way to combine all of your online and offline marketing platforms to accomplish your targets.

Studies reveal that cross-channeling your platforms are one of the most effective ways to achieve maximum outputs. Combining your online and offline media can significantly aid you in generating a profitable return on investment (ROI), understanding the customer base deeply, and expanding your brand’s reach on various channels.

This article will enlighten you about the various practical and insightful ways you can combine your online and offline platforms to facilitate your business growth.

Visionary Ways To Combine Online & Offline Platforms

Online marketing is gaining massive traction today with its digital marketing on social media, content marketing, campaigns on search engines, websites, newsletters, etc. However, many customers still prefer visiting physical stores, checking out products, and buying products instantly instead of waiting for shipping.

Hence, it is essential to strategically combine both platforms to engage the audience on a more significant level. Check out the various innovative ways to engage audiences online and offline.

Direct Online Quality Traffic To Your Physical Stores

One of the best ways to use online marketing to your advantage is by directing quality traffic to your stores. One can upgrade their pages to mention the closest stores and offer reduced shipping time if customers choose it. Additionally, one can offer incentives like exclusive discounted prices through social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Another great way is to promote offline stores on online channels, host shopping streams, and offer rewards for people who visit the stores. While promoting your brand, try your best to add your business logo, name, or storefront picture to leave an impact on customers’ minds. Visual images aid in better visualizing and remembering the brand.

Invest In Creating Personal URLs For Mailers

Another excellent way to combine your online and offline marketing platforms is to invest in creating personal URLs. The higher education advertising community is making clever use of personal URLs. It functions as follows. One might want to start by creating a personal URL, or pURL, for each user on their email list so they can keep records of the individual’s online behavior.

The next step would be to customize a direct mail message for each client on your email list using a configurable printing service. Such a process will aid in tracking engagement, gathering data, and locating your most promising prospects.

Start Adding Digital Contact Details To Your Printable Materials

One of the best ways to convert your offline customers into online ones is to provide them with your digital addresses. This refers to providing information about your website, eCommerce store, social media usernames, etc., on your printable materials like flyers, in-store posters, billboards, and many more.

Another way to increase the efficiency of this system is to provide QR codes. QR codes significantly aid in rediverting your targeted customers on an audience landing page. This landing page then keeps track of your audience’s activity and then directs them to the page they have been seeking in the first place.


With changing times, various traditional businesses had to switch from physical stores to online platforms to survive in this era. However, one needs to strategically combine online and offline media to see maximum business results. With the help of above mentioned thoughtful ways, one can effectively generate an omnichannel and see excellent outputs.

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