A Sandy Sensation The Dubai Desert Safari

I’m sure you’ve already seen stories of your friends enjoying one of Dubai’s most thrilling adventures – the Dubai desert safari. If you’re wondering about how the experience feels, this article will tell you all about it. Dubai might seem like a very urban city with spectacular high-rises and night clubs and state of the art shopping malls. But a large part of it is still uninhabited desert which is used for recreational activities like dune bashing, camel safari, sand ski and of course the Dubai desert safari.

Dubai Desert Safari Sandy Sensation:

Even in the extreme day time heat, most tourists love traveling to the desert to experience this thrilling adventure of a lifetime. The Dubai desert safari offers adventurers a chance to take a ride through the desert. Throughout the day with options like the morning, evening and overnight safaris. Not just this, when booking a safari. You can also choose from a variety of rides including the regular 4x4s, dune buggies and quad bikes.

The Dubai desert safari offers a number of inclusive packages to guests ranging from cheap to very expensive, depending upon their budget. The normal packages normally include pick and drop, dune bashing, and refreshments. You can also choose to add-on additional activities like camel rides, sand boarding, quad biking and more.

The night time safaris are normally the most attractive with added attractions like shisha. Barbecue dinners, fire show and belly dancing. The Dubai safari offers a thrilling experience for visitors of all ages including children and adults. There is no minimum requirement for he number of people for a particular package. It can even be availed by one person, although it is most fun when there is a group of 6 or more people. Each 4×4 ride has 6 seats for guests so going in a group of 6 will ensure that you are not seated with strangers.

Highly Professional and Trained:

The Dubai desert safari rides are generally very safe. The drivers are highly professional and trained. First aid is always available on hand in the wake of any accident or unforeseen circumstance. All cars are fitted with safety equipment that protects the occupants from being injured during the ride. There is also an automatic insurance once you are in a car for the safari as all cars and passengers are insured.

When visiting the Dubai safari, you must remember keep a few things in mind. It is extremely hot during the day with the sun shining right above you. So you should always keep a sunscreen at hand. Don’t forget taking your camera because you can capture some wonderful shots. While you’re there to make the experience last a lifetime. Avoid carrying any expensive jewelry or watches with you as you might drop and lose them during the bumpy but very thrilling ride.

Visit to the Dubai Desert Safari:

A visit to the Dubai desert safari is usually an entire day activity as it can take up to six hours for you to enjoy the entire experience. Situated in the heart of Dubai’s desert, the trip surely promises an adventure that is unforgettable. A trip to Dubai without a day spent at the Dubai desert safari is usually considered incomplete. You can choose to experience the Dubai safari with a number of tourism companies or yourself if you know how to. Either way, it is a complete experience worthy of your time and money. The Dubai desert safari will also give you a chance to witness mesmerizing sunsets. Dubai’s rich culture, traditional food and drinks and a variety of entertainment options. That is unlike anything else that you would have experienced.

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