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A Vacuum Cleaner’s Surprising Uses

The vacuum can do much more than just remove dust and dirt from your carpets and floors no matter how much you love it or hate it. The vacuum cleaner’s action captures messes with suction, so here are eight interesting things you can do with it.

It’s better to use an upright or canister vacuum that comes with attachments, or a portable hand vacuum rather than just a simple upright floor cleaner to tackle most of these jobs. Small handheld vacuums are also useful for some jobs.

Capture Excess Pet Hair

Pet hair sticks to rugs and tumbles across wood floors, so a vacuum cleaner’s job is to collect it. As well as vacuuming your pet’s bedding, you can use it to remove pet hair from quilts and bedspreads before you wash them. Clogs, leaks, and failures of water pumps are caused by excess hair in washing machines.

Also, you can buy attachments that will help you brush and suction the fur off of your dog, but never create any discomfort for your pet.

Exert Insect Control

One study conducted by Ohio State University showed that vacuuming frequently will kill 96 percent of fleas (adults and larvae) in a home. In addition, dust mites and human skin cells are easily removed from mattresses through vacuuming.

If spiders or mosquitoes gather in ceiling corners, a vacuum hose and crevice tool would be a great way to reach them. Attach a clean white cloth with a rubber band to the tool after the insects have been removed to capture dust and cobwebs.

Fresh Upholstery, Carpets, and Pillows

A vacuum cleaner and a box of baking soda work wonders for removing scents and brightening fabrics in addition to removing dust, crumbs, and dirt. Toss pillows and carpets with baking soda liberally, then sprinkle over the upholstery. Moisten a sponge or a mop with water to work it in.

After one hour, vacuum over the baking soda to remove it. With the slight abrasive nature of baking soda, you’ll be amazed by how much brighter your fabrics will look. You’ll also be surprised by how much dust is removed by the vacuum.

Indoor allergens should be reduced

Cleaning the sills of doors and windows, as well as the cracks between outdoor screens and windowpanes, can help prevent allergens from accumulating. You can vacuum window and door screens with the dustbrush attachment to remove pollen and dust. Additionally, make sure to check all window treatments and drapes.

Recovery of small items

You can use your vacuum to pick up small objects like an earring, nail, or screw you dropped behind a piece of furniture you have difficulty moving. Attach a rubber band to the end of the crevice tool and attach mesh or old pantyhose to the end. The vacuum’s suction will trap the lost item against the mesh, allowing you to retrieve it.

Dust can be trapped before it spreads

Dust lamp shades, books, lamps, drapes, and even plant leaves with the vacuum’s dusting brush attachment before doing any additional cleaning. You can avoid streaks and smears by removing the dust first. 

Hopefully, you know how vacuum cleaners can be used in other ways. Here are the Best Under Budget Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners for your home. Thank you for visiting!

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