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Adjustable bases & Snore Detection – Active vs. Passive Features

Although most people snore, millions suffer from chronic snoring. Others have sleep apnea. People who snore more often than they should are a problem. Snoring chronically can make a partner and you less able to get the sleep they need.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring is a common problem. However, most people still don’t understand the reasons behind it and what a base might do. Snoring can occur when someone’s breathing is blocked by something, such as a blockage in their nose or throat. When your breathing becomes difficult, forced airflow causes your soft tissues to vibrate. This can lead to snoring.

Snoring can be caused by excessive tissue in the nose or throat, as well as floppy soft tissue that is more likely to block your airway and vibrate. Snoring can be caused due to a variety of factors such as weight gain or excessive drinking. The best queen mattresses can help reduce snoring by preventing blockages of the airways.

Elevating the Head

For a long time, sleep experts have recommended that you elevate your head in order to lessen snoring. Lifting your head helps relieve pressure from the throat, opens your nasal passages, and moves your tongue and jaw forward. All of these actions can reduce snoring. The best mattress for snoring allows for easy lifting of your head, which can reduce your snoring.

You can actually fall asleep on a base today. A split adjustable base can be adjusted to fit your individual needs.

Pillows Will Save You from the Struggle

Pillows are often used by people who don’t have an adjustable pillow to stop their snoring. However, pillows are not the best way to rest your head. If you have multiple pillows, they may slip and move as you roll over throughout the night. Plus. It can be very difficult to get the pillows to an even angle without your neck or shoulders being too high. It can also cause sleep disruptions, such as snoring and having to adjust pillows frequently. You may also feel sore because of the fact that you can’t completely control your position.

Even worse, if you fall off the pillows, your snoring will likely return. An adjustable base is simply unbeatable, especially with a bunch of uncooperative pillow competition.

Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore Positions

Another advantage of the adjustable base’s flexibility is its ability to use both anti-snore as well as zero-gravity positions. Zero gravity (also known as the neutral state position) was created initially by NASA for astronauts. It has since been shown to have several health benefits. The anti-snore angle was created by adjustable base makers to help sleeping people find the ideal sleep angle to avoid snoring.

The zero-gravity position is where your head and legs are raised above your stomach. This position can offer many benefits for your body. It reduces pressure on your back, increases blood flow, and takes the pressure off the heart. Snorers may find it beneficial to be in a zero-gravity sleep position. Providing greater support and weight distribution to their bodies, it can help to open up their airways, which can lead to less snoring. While it takes some time to learn how this position can improve your quality of sleep, you will soon see the benefits.

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