How to Boost Nutraceutical Landing Page Conversions

This explains why, Daniel Burstein, the senior director of content and marketing in Sherpa marketing, says: “The Sherpa marketing target page is one of the most popular resources that we proposed over 20 years of publication.”

Nevertheless, nutritzetic marketing reveals a big surprise – in fact, a shocker – in relation to target pages.

Not there.

What are the additives?

This is like this …

My friend Rich decided that he wanted to buy a special supplement. He was looking for a Buzina product for his immune health.

The first announcement that appeared in the search for Google seemed to correspond to the account. The title of the advertising included the words “Buzin” and “immunity”. So far, so good.

However, when he pressed the advertising link, he ended up on the company’s home page.

Although it was a great home page, Rich did not immediately understand what he was looking for, or what promised the announcement.

Result? He helped out in less than 3 seconds and went to look in another place.

The same thing happened with all other announcements for food additives.

It should be so …

Extended advertising pressed to send it to the product page, offering what he was looking for.

And only what he was looking for.–62a33e320b9bf6515099713d–62a333d91b4c2d0d6db23b61–62b867197824dd2979c28a7b–62b787cf20948e65fff785a4–62b7800b42924814e1669d97–62a89755936ba99fea4bf6d3–62b7815845057b07b0a6c0e4–62a33cc8b463785b58fe02bc–62b84eeb393f6a6beb687562–62a335893b8002fd31d9a920–62b865d88440eb56e7bfe34c–62b78a126821391a9d8b3bd7–62a8957fcaba5712f2096704–62a88addb64008406df071bc–62b86802b363f32585c41d87—62b78cbc0fdcc97e4683c3cd–62b78bc20fdcc931c383c3ba–62a3369ecda6febd124e3bfa–62a342710eb9394cde29bd49–62b848d2dd7b7769a516a0cc—62b7826852b7730f2670fc69–62b78addc7636fb9a3f3c848–62a8963f936ba92b8f4bf624–62a33fec575204e901cb0aa5–62a88c5ea87d4d61fa129317–62a894ae3bfc3020868e6f68

There are no distracting factors. No other options. Only a product accompanied by a call to action to buy it.


This second scenario is “must be”. In fact, this does not exist.

This is what really happens.

The recent search in Google on the term “Winterberry” led to seven announcements.

All of them were connected either with the home page of the company or with the page of multi-products.

Not one went to the target page.

This is not unique to food additives.

The same result came from the search for “QuerCetin”. None of the nine ads led to the target page. One of them led to an article on a blog in which Quercetin was not even mentioned.

Ditto for a search on “pet CBD.” Six ads. No landing pages.

This is not a scientific study with all types of statistical bells and whistles. These are just a few quick searches on three of the most popular additives. However, this reveals a clear scheme.

Revision advertising is not related to target pages. Instead, they usually refer to the company’s home page. Or they send a visitor to the product page offering several options.

This observation screams for an explanation.

The main thing I saw is that there are no time and resources in marketing departments to create target pages.

Seriously, this is the most common explanation that I found.

Think about it for a moment. This is the same as saying that marketing departments do not have time and resources for … well, marketing. At least not for marketing, using the most powerful and indispensable tool on the Internet.

I do not buy it.

In my opinion, a more likely explanation is the lack of understanding of what the target page is and what not.

The home page is not a target page. No product page is.

This confusion can explain why the exact coincidence of the search for “what is the target page” gives almost 7 million results. As if online marketing consultants feel the need to teach people about what the target page is because many marketers do not understand this concept.


Keep it just, stupid!

Simply put, the target page is where people “land” when they click on an advertising banner, the result of the search engine or a link to email, or when they visit a special advertising URL, which they heard on TV, radio, or other autonomous media information.

Its only goal is the transformation. In fact, this should be the only option.

This is the moment when I planned to do in this article. However, the explanation of how to increase the transformation of the target page by 100%requires actual target pages.

In particular, I planned to explain studies showing how removing all “not purchased” options, including the navigation panel in the upper part of the page, can be more than a double conversion coefficient.

This is just one trick. Such increase in conversion also rely on other features of a good target page. Consistency with advertising. Placement of images. Page design. Button format. And much more.

The conceptual design is simple. The target page offers only one product and only one click option – i.e. call to action.

Although the concept is a simple, well-thought-out page with one option is only the beginning to create a good target page.

In addition to its simple design, the effective target page also depends on how convincing the marketing copy is to influence the visitor to take this step alone.

That’s all. The correct design in combination with a convincing copy is equal to a higher transformation.

A chain of belief

In my experience as a copywriter, I developed a campaign after a specific chain of belief. Each link in the chain plays a role leading to the ultimate goal, that is, conversion.

The title of advertising is a place where the ball of beliefs rolls. His role is to encourage the viewer to press him. That is why an effective advertising title costs its weight in gold.

The visitor immediately knows that he or she is on the right road, when the heading of the target page is consistent with the advertising heading. Studies show that this comparison of the heading to the header occurs in about 1/20 second.

Here’s how long you have to decide for the visitor whether to stay on the page for a few seconds that are required to read the first few lines.

Then it is the work of the page text and any accompanying images to convince the reader to continue reading.

A convincing copy from there leads to a call to action.

Well thoughtful, convincing CTA is the last chance for the target page to turn the visitor into a buyer.

Conversion inciting

Binding advertisements with home pages or pages with several products is the same as starting Lamborghini in the used vegetable oil from a fast food restaurant. This can be done, just not very good.

A more effective campaign requires high -performance fuel. This is what the target page is. He controls all the cylinders of the campaign, such as Nitro for the F1 racing car.

The creation of one is conceptually very simple. It takes only three steps.

Putting it in the game

Step 1. Create a page layout. If this is part of the company’s web site, share all clickable distraction, including the navigation panel. Provide only one option, call for action.

Step 2. Create a convincing marketing copy. This begins with a powerful title corresponding to the promise of the announcement related to the target page. It continues with the image and textual material, which holds the attention of the reader. In other words, this is much more than the description of the product.

Step 3. Check this. Check this. And check a little more. Set up the posts of ads and compare their click indicators. Review images and text to optimize time on the page. Change the CTA text and the Buy buttons. Continue the A/X text messages to improve control until the transformation reaches.

The development of the best tool

Doing good work on any work depends on the use of the best tools. Supplement of marketing is no different.

The best and most unused marketing tool for nutricets should be targeted pages.

To put them on work forces you to compete. The meeting with a challenge of step 2 is correctly crucial.

After you have the correct page design, its effectiveness depends on how well you convince the reader to take measures.

A good marketing copy shines here.

That’s where I go. I specialize in writing a convincing copy for target pages and other marketing sites.

Since I am also a researcher, this includes the satisfaction of the growing demand for scientific reliability by experienced customers.

A good target add -on -rate target depends on both.

Want to start finding out how this Ultimate Marketing Tool can increase your sales?

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