How to Raise Box Spring in Three Ways

Box Spring beds are used by many people these days as they provide protection and they also make the bed look like it is modern. The Box spring cover comes in one of the hospitality supplies. Above the box spring, the mattress is laid so that it gives the bed a little elevation, and people can get on and off the bed easily because it will match the height of the people.

But sometimes people are not satisfied with the normal height of the box spring and they want to raise the box to a higher height. This may be the reason because of the person’s height or because they just want the bed to be more at elevation. And it is possible to raise as it is not rocket science and it can be done by simple methods.

Ways To Raise the Box Spring

Raising the box spring is no problem as they are covered with box spring wrap already. There are some ways to raise and some of them are as follows:

Adding Slats in Box Spring

Adding slats to the box is one way of raising the box. Slats are narrow and thin wooden pieces that can be laid horizontally on the box and fixed so that they provide some height to the box spring. Even though they are thin still they provide some elevation when the mattress is laid on them.

These slats are mainly of wood but people can also get them made of metal and steel so that these slats do not break when people are tossing here and there on the bed.

A Platform to Raise the Height of Box Spring

People can also make a platform of plywood and keep that on the box to raise the level of the box spring. This platform of plywood can be made by professional people. Or people can even make it at their home if they are good with tools. This method is good because the height of the plywood platform can be customized before making it so that everything falls in its place eventually.

One or more than one plywood platform can be made so that if the person changes his mind that the bed should be more elevated then that person can add more plywood platforms to increase the height of the box.

Box Spring Risers

Many risers are present in the market, these risers are four small pillars that can be put on four different corners of the box s to increase the height of the box from the ground level. This is where the box increases in height which results in the increased height of the bed.

These risers are of different sizes so people can go through them and then buy the one that suits their liking the most. Small ones will increase the height of the box by a little level and the big ones will increase the height by a big level.


So, these were how people can increase the height of the box or raise their box spring. And the best part is that these ways are redoubled too which means if a person is not satisfied then he can also add more to these ways.

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