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By Dr. Noah H. Kersey, Ph.D., “A Stray Bullet”
A young guy who was abandoned as a young child and raised in an orphanage later battles to escape prison and overcome insurmountable hurdles in order to find God, atonement, and forgiveness for a catastrophic error. “A bullet is forever. A gun changes everything.” Robert Lee Swagger This movie is more important than ever in these days of gun violence and mental illness.
Guidelines For Trading And Demat Account Security In India by Manoj J.
Stock markets have experienced significant growth in the quickly expanding fintech industry. Since March 2021, around 15,000,000 new investors have entered the stock market.

Sanchit J’s Panaesha Capital Exchange (PCEX)
The fintech company Panaesha Capital was founded in Singapore by a group of industry professionals. Panaesha Capital provides investment opportunities that go beyond the realm of conventional investments by embracing blockchain technology and digital currency. The organisation wants to create a platform that offers a reliable method of exchange and payment that is easy to use, safe, affordable, and quick. All of the aforementioned traits, along with a few more, are embodied by the platform known as Panaesha Capital Exchange, or PCEX.

Benn Olsen’s “Best ICO of 2018”: This Cryptocurrency Will Disrupt Wall Street
More new digital assets are being created every day as the trade of cryptocurrencies starts to pick up. The idea behind this is absolutely great, but we now face a serious issue because many people will find a decreasing number of real, high-quality investment possibilities in the cryptocurrency market. Only the top 15 percent of cryptocurrencies, according to the general population, appear to have any real long-term value.
Amandeep Singh’s “Guru Da Banda,” an animated movie, will be released nationally in August.

Paul French’s The Best Books on Cryptocurrency
Start with some history if you’re seeking for the best books on cryptocurrencies. The biggest technological advance since the invention of the internet was made possible by these books.
By Utkarsh Sharma, “3 Things To Know Before Launching Your Crowdfunding Campaign”
Crowdfunding has undeniably dominated our lives, whether it’s used to support a neighbor’s business or your own dream concept. Crowdfunding has its own unique set of pre-existing conditions and context, much like any new and evolving way to make things simpler.
Anupam Juniwal’s analysis of the crypto market

If your small business requires cash, turn to crowdfunding by Abdul Waheed Zafar
Small businesses may gain a lot from crowdfunding initiatives. They can assist companies in gaining access to a variety of fundraising opportunities as well as a pool of potential investors. Although the main goal of these campaigns is always to raise money, you may also use them to increase your awareness, attract consumers, and achieve success. We’ll delve deeper into some of the main advantages of crowdfunding for small businesses in this article. Continue reading to learn more.
Abdul Waheed Zafar I’s Raise Capital With Private Investors

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