The Best Sweets and Pastries

Millions of sweets have come and gone, and they have been offered to us in almost every form, from various chocolate bars to unusual sweets and sorbet cones. Many of them go unnoticed, however, but some stand out as particularly famous or interesting and even have a sort of “cult” following. This section gives an overview of the different types of sweets and candies and their characteristics. The list is not exhaustive and has no specific order, but it will hopefully give you some ideas for the future? I think.

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Bounty is an inspiring choice, a really sweet combination of chocolate and coconut, and the best comfort food you can enjoy without getting bored or overeating. Plus, you can convince yourself that coconut is almost healthy because it’s like a fruit…

Flying saucers

Flying saucers are legendary when it comes to candy. They are mainly made of edible paper with sherbet, they melt and dance on the tongue. Their round shape and small size make them fit perfectly on the back of the tongue.

Sour bombs

Sour bombs are something that everyone loves and everyone hates. At first, they’re just sour and gross, but after a minute, you kind of want to eat them again. And the faces of the little kids who try them for the first time are always smiling.

The Willy Wonka bar

The Willy Wonka bar is a very unusual bar that seems to break and pop in your mouth. At first, it seems unheard of, but after a minute, you realize that it gives something new to the chocolate and is also strangely addictive. And there is nothing to complain about its originality.


Maltizers are so light you can eat a bag of them all day without feeling bad about it. At the same time, their lightness and unusual shape make them appealing in many ways. You can scrape a small amount of chocolate with your teeth. Suck on it until it melts in the center, or crush it a few pieces at a time.

Bone bones

Bone bones are the cookie of choice for any reasonable person. It consists of two dry chocolate cookies with moist chocolate icing in between and is best eaten dipped in hot tea.

Gummi Bears

Gummi bears have been around forever. Sure, they’re made of pure sugar and don’t look like bears, but they’re easy to chew and seem to quench your thirst. It’s a little weird, but you can also swallow them whole…


Gobstoppers are one of the classic treats you think of when you think of a classic candy store, but they are also loved by parents to keep their kids quiet…

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