The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

I don’t typically peruse dream books, however I’m happy I made a special case here; I adored the story. A Druid lives in Arizona, professing to be 21 years of age, while he is really 21 centuries old. He is undermined by witches and helped by werewolves, every one of whom additionally show up, by all accounts, as typical individuals. He meets extraordinary animals who help him in his battle against the abhorrent Celtic god.

I generally need something beyond a decent story, notwithstanding. The Druid’s association with the earth and utilization of energy give that. The Druid draws his energy from the earth, a sign of our division from nature in this mechanical world. We see the significance of understanding the utilization of energy in his activities and how we have lost the association with our current circumstance and our bodies. The creator is quietly educating us. That’s what I like.

The savagery, which is so pervasive in numerous accounts, and in our reality, is more satisfactory here as safeguarding great, a significant distinction is coordinated as it were. I like the Druid. He is a hero and the peruser starts to think often about him, chuckling at his comical inclination and valuing his modesty. In spite of his capacities of shape-moving and drawing in colossal energy from the earth, he is never pompous or confident, a reviving rest from many characters, both fictitious and genuine.

I hope to getting stepped once again into this Druid’s energizing, insane, moral and amusing world in his next two books in the series.–2f–3f

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