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Vitrified Tiles Company in Delhi: A Buyer’s Guide

Vitrified tiles company in delhi

You may want to install tiles in the different rooms of your home. But then there are a huge number of tiles available in the market, thus making you feel confused. When considering new tiles, it will be wise to check out vitrified tiles. They are fast becoming a favourite among the mass especially in those spaces exposed to frost or moisture. Doing some research will help you to know what sets these tiles apart from the others, maintenance tips and uses as well as the cost involved.

About Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles company in Delhi assures to supply superior quality tiles. Vitrified tiles are stated to be quite similar to that of the conventional ceramic tiles. However, the mix includes clay and silica. During vitrification process, clay and silica melts, thereby blending well to become glass-like element within each tile! Thus, it manages to retain its original sheen even as it ages. You can find them in different colours, patterns and styles and are considered to be an alternative to granite or marble.

Its properties

These tiles come with low porosity, thus making them froth and water resistant. They also have anti-skid coating on them, thereby providing greater abrasion resistance. Areas witnessing heavy movement should be installed with such tiles. Although it is a bit expensive, its durability is worth the investment. Besides, they have low setting time and are a perfect fit for those home renovation projects that come with a stipulated timeline. Always consider buying Vitrified tiles company in Delhi

Its use

These tiles are just perfect for your bathroom flooring or backsplash in kitchen space. Vitrification process ensures tiles get hardened and weather-proof. Hence, they can be used both outdoors and indoors. They also have developed the ability to tackle a good amount of pressure and also used in the garden or roof.

Maintenance tips

Vitrified tiles’ inherent features are what make them to become stain-proof. Hence, they are easy to maintain and clean. You just need to use simple cleaning agents and water to clean them thoroughly, thus not having to invest a fortune or energy in their maintenance. To remove stubborn stains, simply mix water and vinegar and use it to clean. Reseal grout present between tiles annual to enhance their longevity. Do remember to clean them periodically to ensure it shines as good as new.

What to consider before making the final purchase?

It takes very less time to install such tiles. But then it can be a tedious one. For perfect laying of the tiles, experts will have to be hired. They will ensure event joints while using strong adhesives to enhance stability. New designs get launched every now and then. Same tiles might not be available after a couple of years. Hence, it will be a wise idea to stock extra tiles for future replacement purpose.

Expert assistance

If you are a novice and want to get it correct from the very first instance, then it will be useful to take help of the industry experts. They can suggest you the type of tiles to choose from the different rooms in your home. It also includes vitrified tiles.

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