What is a missed call service and how does it work?

A missed call service can aid business growth in many ways. A business can use a missed call solution to call back their customers who reached them on their calling number. It is beneficial for the customers as they can connect with a business without any expense.

The recorded database helps the business to reconnect with the customer later. Missed call solution helps a business of any size to grow with very little investment. A business can look for all the needed features as per the needs of the business in different solutions from various missed call service providers.

A missed call solution helps a business by handling the entire process of gathering the missed call data with detailed information. It offers the business agents to save valuable time, energy and resources.

The database can also generate comprehensive reports of the calls that include the customer’s name, location, time of call etc. It becomes easier to identify current, regular or new customers. With an auto-dialer, later an agent can easily reconnect with the customer, after looking at the database, through an automated IVR message, a voice bot, or a live agent.

. A missed call service comes with the following features:

  1. 24×7 services: A missed call allows 24×7 services that reduce every communication gap and enhances engagement.  Customers in need of any service can get in touch through the missed call solution. It records the customer’s data in the database which helps the startups to reconnect even when they receive missed calls after work hours or on non-working days.
  2. Customer satisfaction draws more customers to the business which helps in increasing lead generation. Moreover, the agents need not verify the leads as the solution drives customer verification initiatives;
  3. Expand market reach: Any business with a toll-free number can use it to broaden their brand awareness during promotional events by launching missed call SMS campaigns. The toll-free number makes the business more accessible to the customers in the market. It also gives the business a brand image.
  4. Enhance CRM integration: Missed call solutions help in enhancing business with custom analytics tools like Google Analytics and CRM etc. This helps in getting insights and capturing specific user journeys with a reporting interface.

The demand for missed call service providers is increasing with the emergence of startup projects at a fast pace. depending on the size of your business,  there are different packages with different features that Missed call solution providers offer. It is an efficient way for market reach which any business can easily take help from and expand by becoming more accessible to the customers.

Missed call solution uses IVR’s multi-level menu to answer customer calls to establish immediate interaction with the customers.  Toll-free missed call numbers also help customers to draw more customers.

Knowlarity is one of the leading Missed Call Solution service providers in India. Their solutions come with a cloud-based contact center with IVR services that help businesses offer seamless connections.

The cloud technology with Missed Call Service has helped in providing quality service to the regular customers and drawing more new customers. It is an easy, cheap, and effective medium of business communication. Many missed call solution providers in India offer features that help in combining with other advertising solutions for improved outcomes and development.

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