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Which EMR—OneTouch Vs. AestheticsPro EMR—is better for your practice?

Perhaps we can assist you in deciding on OneTouch EMR vs AestheticsPro EMR if you are debating which EMR would be best for your medical practice. In this post, we’ll compare OneTouch and AestheticsPro’s features, costs, and usability to help you decide whether or not this software would be helpful for your clinic.

OneTouch EMR Vs. AestheticsPro EMR- an overview:

OneTouch EMR is a web-based solution that provides powerful features for improving healthcare workflow frameworks. The software combines numerous conventional EMR and practice management (PM) components into a single suite to assist healthcare institutions in streamlining and managing their everyday practice operations. Additionally, it has a simple dashboard that displays a clinic’s daily schedules, staff communications, and patient-doctor interactions.

Healthcare organizations proficient in a wide range of therapeutic disciplines can use this all-in-one digital platform. It equips doctors with real-time data updates to deliver high-quality medical care.

AestheticsPro EMR provides a cloud-based software solution for the medical spa sector that complies with HIPAA regulations. Online scheduling, an EMR with E-Record creation and administration, merchant services, and essential marketing solutions are all combined into one software solution to help you run your medspa more effectively.

The AestheticsPro Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software may be utilized on desktop and mobile devices and is compatible with a Web browser (OS Agnostic).

OneTouch Vs. AestheticsPro- Feature comparison:

OneTouch EMR Features:

  • Cloud-Based: The fact that OneTouch EMR is cloud-based is a fantastic feature. This feature enables you to maintain your medical practice while on the go and access the software from anywhere in the world!
  • Integrating the lab: You may quickly make a clinical diagnosis for your patients by ordering tests for them using the software’s lab integration feature. This enables you to order tests more rapidly and receive test results more quickly.
  • Suggests Scrubbing: Another fantastic feature of this software is claims scrubbing, which allows you to file claims much more quickly than you could previously. Additionally, your claims are approved and paid out considerably more rapidly.
  • Scheduling Improvement: The scheduling option in OneTouch EMR is the last one we want to discuss. It enables you to make as many appointments as possible for the day, increasing your revenue.
  • Therapy Programs: With the application’s reliable “future procedure and lab request management” feature, practitioners may swiftly place orders, finish electronic prescriptions, and enroll patients in health maintenance programs.
  • Planning for patients: Users have praised the application’s patient scheduling function for streamlining the scheduling of all healthcare appointments. Compared to the scheduling confirmation frequency offered by competing software, it enables users to schedule a maximum number of patient encounters in a given day. Additionally, this function increases staff productivity, minimizes patient no-shows, and improves revenue collection.
  • Patient Portal: Reviews of OneTouch EMR attest to the fact that the patient portal offers a wealth of advantages to both patients and physicians. Patients can schedule appointments, make payments online, and view health records through the portal, relieving front office employees of some administrative duties.

AestheticsPro EMR Utilize the over 40 reports and 500 configurable forms in the E-Record library to efficiently run your business and provide customers with online bookings and a client portal.

  • Management of Clients: this allows you to manage your clients through a single system effortlessly. You can view E-Records, charting, notes, before-and-after photographs, purchase history invoices, outstanding balances, and the remaining services within a single client profile. AestheticsPro’s general Client Relationship Management (CRM) capability.
  • E-Prescribe: Medical experts can electronically transmit prescription data to pharmacies thanks to e-prescribing. E-prescribing regulations that have been passed or introduced in numerous states have affected the aesthetics market while also having a direct impact on healthcare professionals who provide their patients with banned substances.
  • Information and Analysis: You can gather information for all facets of your business for a thorough spa overview with our robust client reporting and business performance analysis tools. Based on a location, search criteria, and date range, reports can be generated with graphics and downloaded in MS Excel format.
  • E-Records Management: E-records management is embedded into the top medspa client management software. You may improve client intake and manage your process with the help of our HIPAA-compliant client software.

Price comparison between OneTouch Vs. AestheticsPro:

Regarding the OneTouch EMR price, this program runs roughly $199 per user per month, so if your practice has five practitioners who need access to and utilize the software, the monthly cost will be $995!

Three pricing tiers are available on AestheticsPro’s website: Solo Provider Edition ($125/month), Enterprise ($185/month), and Enterprise Plus ($245).

Let’s compare OneTouch Vs. AestheticsPro EMR based on customer reviews:

Reviews of the OneTouch EMR software show it is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward. It has a wide range of workflow automation capabilities that improve the effectiveness of clinical practices as a whole. Additionally, the vendor’s customer service representatives are helpful (as attested to in several testimonials).

AestheticsPro uses rewards tracking to track patient referrals and marketing initiatives’ success. Easy to write pop-up messages for casual engagement with patients Dashboard tracks patient balances and services still in packages. There is a choice to combine the website and the practice management program fully. Adds new features frequently to improve the standard of patient care and marketing. Avoiding scheduling problems requires using staff members, room, and device scheduling.

The patient’s allergy list or profile, however, does not appear in the patient’s Dashboard or any other form when composing the patient’s medical notes. The same is true for calling an emergency room. In addition, the training materials are only available in video format, making it challenging to dig for precise “how to” answers after watching the videos.

Also, have a look at: Tablet-based Electronic Medical Record!

Final Thoughts:

Ultimately, your needs and budget will determine which EMR solution you choose. OneTouch EMR is comprehensive medical software that enables doctor-clinics and major healthcare organizations to provide high-quality care services while boosting employee productivity and profitability. The system is equipped with all the essential features professionals require to keep on top of patient needs and build a successful clinic.

AestheticsPro EMR, on the other hand, gives users limitless calendars to manage staff and client schedules. In addition, AestheticsPro allows users to set automatic email confirmations and track employee hours to improve scheduling activity. Finally, the point-of-sale (POS) and merchant services function of AestheticsPro will enable users to process payments, invoice clients, and manage auto-billed subscriptions, in addition to handling clients and personnel. Choose the best EMR, then.

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