Yes, It Is Possible To Speed Read – Here Is How To Speed Read

I am not going to discuss anything regarding the facts or misconceptions about reading speed, since they have long been discussed in many books and articles. I am concerned about those who would like to know fundamental ways to learn how to speed up reading. Before you start, you must first believe that it is feasible.–62a333d91b4c2d0d6db23b61–62a335893b8002fd31d9a920–62a3369ecda6febd124e3bfa–62a33cc8b463785b58fe02bc–62a33e320b9bf6515099713d–62a33fec575204e901cb0aa5–62a342710eb9394cde29bd49–62a88addb64008406df071bc–62a88c5ea87d4d61fa129317–62a894ae3bfc3020868e6f68–62a8957fcaba5712f2096704–62a8963f936ba92b8f4bf624–62a89755936ba99fea4bf6d3

It is pointless to start training if you have doubts about whether it is possible to study or not. Secondly, you should have good reasons why you need to study how to speed up reading, because if you do not, you, in all likelihood, simply surrendered; The result is not at night. I guarantee you that this is not easy. So why do you need to learn how to read speed? When will it be useful for you?

A link to speed may come in handy in different situations: when I am going to pass the exam; In preparation, talk about the subject that you just got into your own hands; When you were given a very limited time to read a long novel that you need to summarize, and other similar conditions. These are just a few reasons why it is convenient to possess the skill. Below are the first three steps that you should follow.

1. Become an insatiable reader. I do not think that you would like to learn to speed up reading if you do not want to read, but this is not enough for you to read or what you read from time to time.

You really have to have this disk in order to read a lot and get acquainted with different topics. In addition, imagine that you are struggling to read so quickly with all the visible words, that are not registered in your head, and this is because many words that you see are not common to you. Reading eagerly enhances the vocabulary in Jiffy. If you have no problems at this first step, a few other steps will be easier for you.

2. Improve your vision. Naturally, you cannot read quickly if you have poor optimal vision. Do what will help you improve your vision. Wear glasses or contact lenses, if you need them. The speed training itself will require you to read aggressively, strictly, and largely, so you can strain your eyes. Do some exercises that will help you support healthy eyes. Look for articles about websites that give advice on how you can improve or maintain your vision.

3. Read silently. Voting the words that you read slows you down. Practice reading your mouth and even be silent with your mind. If at first, it is too difficult, let the company chew something like chewing gum or bite a pencil. It is very important that you are used to this method of reading, so your concentration is not divided between reading and listening. When you read with sound, you tend to listen to your pronunciation of the voice; As a result, this reduces your speed.

These are the first three things that you need to do. Make a habit of reading every day. Do not forget to train yourself to read without vocalization. The following steps that I am going to discuss in the second part are lighter after you fulfill the above. You will learn a lot by reading.

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