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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Previous SEO Blog Posts and How to Improve Your SERP

Because SEO is a lengthy process, your old blog posts are valuable assets. In addition, blogging is still effective. In fact, 84 percent of businesses have an ongoing content marketing plan, and they produce 67 percent more leads each month than those without one get an exper opinion new york seo agency primelis.

How To Use Old Blog Posts To Improve Your Search Engine Results Page Rankings

Your existing material scores well in search engines. Instead of beginning from zero, you may increase your SERP ranking by beginning from an established position. The scene is already prepared; all that remains is to utilise what you currently have to climb the SERPS rankings. Here is the procedure!

Analyze your blog prior to taking any action.

Before taking any action, you must determine the precise condition of your previous material. You have access to a variety of blog analytics tools that allow you to examine all of the crucial SEO factors. Keywords and page load speed are two of the most important variables to focus on.

To distinguish past blog entries in terms of their contribution to your SERP rankings, you should focus more on organic traffic and bounce rates.

Organic traffic will assist you in identifying blog content that continue to produce clicks. You may transform these posts into evergreen content and exploit them to increase your SERP with no effort. Bounce rates will assist you in discovering obsolete blog content that provide no value to your readers.

Lastly, there are analytics tools available for monitoring website modifications. In the upcoming weeks, you will make several modifications to your blog. If you choose to restore to prior versions, the capability to trace changes is a valuable feature to have.

Enhance your SERP with additional keywords

If your blog articles produce a fair amount of organic traffic, but the bounce rates are over the roof, it is likely that you are not attracting the right target audience. Deepening your keyword research might help you determine how to entice your prospects.

Search traffic and keyword difficulty fluctuate over time, as does the online activity and buying intent of your prospects.

To maximise the effectiveness of your website, you must employ the most pertinent keywords. Keyword research may help you discover relevant terms with a high search volume and low difficulty. You may modify your blog entries and add new keywords to boost results and repurpose previously published material.

Add new connections

The links in your archived blog entries are crucial for SEO. It links to internal and external resources. Before assigning your website a rating, search engines like Google employ complex algorithms to better comprehend your website’s content. Search engines make greater use of links and anchor text.

Your first objective is to examine your previous blog entries for broken links and replace them with working links. Next, internal and external linkages should be added.

Internal links will assist you in directing search engines to the most significant pages on your website and describing their content. In addition, they can facilitate your visitors’ navigation, engage them, and enrich their experience.

Adding external links may also boost your SERP and pave the way for a sustainable link-building plan. You may add depth and value to your material, boost subject signals, develop trust, and demonstrate your knowledge by using external connections.

Share your previous posts

Social networking sites may generate substantial amounts of organic traffic. If you have ready-to-go old material, you may use it to engage a social media audience and grow your social media following. Many businesses do not pursue this strategy because they lack the resources to consistently create and distribute fresh information.

You will have sufficient time to create fresh material because you will be able to share existing ones. The finest aspect about it is that it does not need to be done manually.

Consider employing a social media management solution to improve your workflow. It allows you to link all of your social media outlets, define a publishing strategy, and schedule updates. The programme will distribute your previous blog content automatically.

In addition, you have access to statistics and data to evaluate the performance of each of your posts and choose which social media platform is best appropriate for your business.

Republishing items with freshly identified relevant keywords and a new date can also boost your SERP position. People prefer reading fresh postings over ones older than five years. You can avoid duplicate content penalties with 301 redirects if you are concerned about them.

Update posts

Rewriting your previous blog entries is an additional method for enhancing your SEO. It may assist your postings become more pertinent, valuable, and engaging. Your updated postings can also help you attract new readers, increase traffic, and enhance your rank in search engine results pages (SERPs).

There are several options available. Adding fresh relevant material to existing postings is the most natural line of action. However, you may also change your cover picture, make your headlines more captivating, and include a table of contents to make it simpler for visitors to scan your articles.

Renew SEO on-page

Refreshing on-page SEO is the last thing you can do to boost the SERP rank of older blog content. It is crucial to review all of your blog pieces since you may have neglected to improve their on-page SEO when they were originally published.

Now that you have a new keyword research report, you may change the following:

  • Title tag
  • URL Image alt text Meta title Meta description Subheadings


Never disregard your previous blog postings. As you can see, you can employ them in a variety of ways to boost your SERP. However, you shouldn’t immediately utilise your existing material. You must first determine how it performs, incorporating the newly relevant keywords. With reports on blog analysis and keyword research, you may make educated judgments and select the most effective plan.

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