Learning To Navigate Cisco’s Online Documentation

When studying for Cisco CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE exams, you have your free online weapons. Cisco Connection document found in This site contains products, codes, and protocordocuments of all Cisco products.

Many test candidates do not start using this powerful tool until they study for more advanced examinations. However, it is important for CCNA, CCNP, and these certified candidates to learn their way around this site. It helps Cisco find the default value that is really enjoying what you are asking for the exam. The protocol document there is also useful for your study.

This site can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers, but it’s actually easy to navigate. The site’s homepage displays a list of products and several drop -down menus. To start, we recommend that you select Cisco IOS software in the top right drop -down menu and select a code version. 12.2 is good from the beginning. From there, select the iOS release 12.2 configuration guide and command reference.

Next, a list of technology is displayed, and each has a configuration guide and a command. If you are studying the interior gateway protocol (OSPF, RIP, EIGRP, etc.) at this point, select -IP Configuration Guide and then select the -ip routing protocol.

Next, create an official Cisco documentation for how to configure RIP, IGRP, OSPF, EIGRP, ISIS, and BGP. Reading this document is very valuable. Many research guides skip the details and explain the outline of the protocol. This document does not skip anything. Documents indicate how to use commands for that protocol and time. There are also actual examples and notes about when to use each command. When I read online Sysco documents, I always learned something new.

After that, you can perform the same procedure for the Command Reference. For those who are studying for the Cisco exam, this section quickly answers questions about the command or default value. Instead of trying to learn which book has seen the value, just zoom out on this site and you can get an answer in a few seconds. The actual example of the use of command is also common.

Similarly, the more you use an online Sisco document, the more suitable it is. Various Cisco switch configuration guides provide wonderful photos about how the switch works. It is strongly recommended to read at least one of the switch configuration guides.

Beyond the test value provided by online Syscodocum, it achieves another valuable purpose. The more you use it now, the more comfortable you need, the better you need for work. And trust me -that day will come!

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