Lessons Learned From The PMP Certification Exam

There are many ways to prepare for a tough 4 -hour PMP test. Here are some of the most successful things here:

  1. PMP Exam preparation class or boot camp: These CRAM session courses are specially designed to satisfy your heart with the knowledge you need to pass the test. It is usually more expensive, but it is very effective to win the PMP exam. We recommend the exam preparation class through Pinnacle 3 Learning. The class price is an intermediate range, and it is recommended that project managers understand more real life applications than industry competitors. Most of these courses have a contact time or PDU qualification that can be used in the application in PMI.
  2. Self -paced research efforts: There are many books and materials to help prepare for the PMP exam. Most understand PMBOK deeply. Self -paced research will be done on your schedule. Advance at individual pace. Survey shows that individual programs can complete the number of people more quickly. In addition, slow learners can set a pace that matches the learning speed. In the conventional training program, all participants usually need to pass the material at the same time. Self -paced learning provides the opportunity for students to speed up or slow down as needed. Make sure that the product you buy is PMBOK alignment. is the perfect place to start. The PMP Success Stadies Guide is PMBOK alignment, easy to understand and focuses on the exams. Includes great test hints.
  3. Practice test (simulation): Practice for the simulated PMP® exam is one of the best ways to prepare for the actual test. When multiple practice examinations are completed, learners have the opportunity to understand the layout of the exam, the type of question, and the pace of the exam better. The 200 questions for four hours are equivalent to about 1.2 minutes for each question. You need to learn to measure the exam pace. Many people use predictors. To do this, a line is created at 90 %, 50 %, and one 25 %. If you have no doubt or know the answer to the question, mark a 90 % row. You know the answer to the question, but there may be another correct answer, but mark a 50 % row, if you need to guess the answer, in a 25 % row. Mark the mark. At the end of the exam, the total of 90 % mark is 114 * .90 = 104. 60 marks, 60 * .50 = 30 under 50 % 50 % rows. Finally, the total number of marks less than 25 %, this example 26 * .25 = 6.5. 104 + 30 + 6.5 = 140 (pass)

Practice the sample questions and adjust them. If the prediction is consistently high, it is 180 %, and if the scoring is scoring, the ratio is changed. For me, 80 % and 50 % formula works were the best predictors. You can do these calculations in your head.

Develop a research strategy

・ Pre -test. Measure learning efforts using the test simulator of Knowing what the score is, you can focus on the areas where you need to work most. I asked a lot of questions before and after the knowledge area and worked on weaker or suspicious questions. This will tell you to read the question carefully … sometimes you will see general themes and recurring themes.

・ If you are a visual learner, write down things when you are studying. By writing it, I created terms, terms, and definitions

・ Create a flash card with important project management processes, terms and equations. Place the term on one side of the card and write the equation on the other side. When I have time, I put my thumb through the card. Testing is a multiple options, so it was not important to remember all terms. However, you need to be ready to recognize the definition or definition variants, and how to apply.

・ Learn what you need to pass the PMP test. There may be techniques and processes that work better than the PMI method, but the important thing is PMI method for the purpose of passing the test.

・ Veteran project Manager you can find the exam more. The reason is the best answer. Experience and personal best practices tell you one that the PMI approach may be slightly different. This does not mean that you are not a qualified PM, but it can distort the score of the exam. Always answer the PMP exam questions from the PMI perspective.

・ I know input, tools, and techniques

・ Don’t be afraid, if you know the materials from the PMI point of view, the exam is not so difficult!

In conclusion, the exam is not impossible, but only detailed oriented. You also need to forget some of your project management experience and know the PMI method. Read the entire question and see all the answers. When I finished and saw the score, I took a deep breath and reflected that it was not as difficult as I thought.

Certified by adult learning techniques and know how people learn it will lead you to you.

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