List of Top 5 Tech Certifications

There are several technical certification programs that can be used by candidates. Some certifications are awarded from vendors such as software tissues, part of them, and some of them are awarded by vendor neutral organizations. The following are part of the technical certification and as follows.

1) Microsoft Certified System Engineer Program (MCSE):

MCSE certification is a certification given by Microsoft. Initially, the candidate began to memorize all possible questions with the help of a dump available online. If the test fee is paid and the candidate passes the exam, you can easily participate in the information technology field. At one stage, Microsoft changed the test topic and was replaced with multiple knowledge -based options. After the difficulty increased and the topic was changed, the total number of certified candidates decreased.

2) Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA):

This program is one of the honorary programs awarded by Microsoft. MCA is a premier -level program designed by Microsoft to find experts in the information technology field. Technical certification such as MCA requires at least three years of practical experience in the related field to pass the certification test.

3) Cisco certified Internet work expert (CCIE)

Like MCA and MCSE, the CCIE program is also one of the technicians awarded from Cisco. The Cisco program is designed mainly to acquire knowledge and Cisco products. This program requires a written test and a lab exam after passing the written exam. The cost of the written test is about $ 300, and after successfully completed, the candidate must attend the lab exam within 18 months after the results of the written test are announced. The cost of the CCIE lab exam is about $ 1250 to $ 1500 in 8 hours.

4) CCSP program:

The Cisco Certified Security Professional program is another Cisco program that handles Cisco routers mainly to protect the network in the organization. From this certification, experts can protect and process all kinds of problems generated in networking operations.

5) Cissp:

CISSP is one of the technical authentications that help candidates to get a high -salaried job with a multinational company. The cost of CISSP inspection is about $ 500, consisting of 250 multiple choices. It is a 6 -hour test that requires at least 70 % to pass.

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