Managing Stress While Preparing for Government Exams

Stress is increasingly becoming a part and parcel of everyday life. It seems as if it has become impossible to escape away from the clutches of this stress monster. The harsh truth is that these days even youngsters are becoming more and more stressed out. They are spending the golden period of their lives under stress. Now, this could be due to many reasons.  Firstly the pressure of studies has grown considerably. Due to soaring levels of population in India, the students have to compete with lakhs of others to get jobs. Talking about government exams, these are very hard to crack. A student often finds himself reeling under considerable stress and anxiety while preparing for government exams. 

Stress management is increasingly becoming part of the discussion these days. Stress has both short-term and long-term bad effects. It affects your quality of life. Students often find it hard to handle stress. They continue reeling under it for long and are scared to share their problems with anyone. If a student is preparing for government exams then he has to be very careful about his mental health. Ignoring mental well-being can hamper the preparations badly. Are you preparing for bank exams? Is the stress of preparations giving you sleepless nights? If yes, then without wasting any time join the best institute for Bank Coaching in Delhi and keep all your worries at bay.

Why stress is bad for you?

-Causes you to feel physically unwell. You can get symptoms like headache, fast heart rate, sweating, nausea, etc while dealing with stress

– Lowers quality of life. A constantly stressed person is unable to live a happy life. He might find it hard to find happiness in the things which he used to enjoy earlier.

– Improper sleep. Stress doesn’t let a person sleep in peace.

 -Withdrawal from society. A stressed person doesn’t like to socialize much and keeps himself away from family and friends.

How to manage stress

Practice yoga  

Yoga has been in practice for centuries. Though yoga has several health benefits we will focus on how it can be used to manage stress. The distinct poses in yoga promote the release of feel-good hormones like dopamine, and serotonin and reduce muscle tension. You become aware of your body- the feelings, the sensations, etc. There are many yoga poses to relieve your stress. These include cat-cow pose, child’s pose, corpse pose, etc. These poses are not very difficult. You can easily practice them at home. In the beginning, you may find these poses a bit hard but with regular practice, you’ll love doing that.  

Seek help

If you feel that stress is completely taking over your life then please don’t ignore it!  Many students find it hard to gather the courage to seek help. They continue to suffer the battle against anxiety alone. But this can be a grave mistake. Seek help from professionals. They can provide you with proper counseling sessions and medication. 

Take frequent breaks

Most students prepare unhealthy timetables. They fail to provide adequate breaks in between the time schedules. Due to this, their mind stays under stress always. They fail to focus well. A  stressed mind can never produce good results. So when you start preparing for government exams you have to make sure you prepare a proper timetable that accommodates sufficient breaks in between. You need to give your mind rest in between. Overstuffing it with too much information will make your mind go under stress.

Be well prepared

You have to be well prepared for the government exam you are aspiring to crack. Often when you are lacking in preparations then you tend to feel anxious and stressed. Also when a student is unable to finish the syllabus on time then he will feel stressed about the incomplete syllabus. Now, this is entirely in your hands. It’s better to be updated on the syllabus completely. Make sure you devote your time equally to the preparation of all the concepts. Lack of required preparation will reduce your confidence.

Keep your expectations real

You must know that competition in a government exam is very high. Lakhs of aspirants compete for very few seats. So avoid setting unrealistic expectations. Sometimes there is pressure from parents, relatives, etc. You might be wondering how you would face them if 

you failed your government exam. But instead of thinking about failures focus on positive thoughts. When you find yourself getting bogged down with the burden of expectations then think practically. There is a growing craze for SSC exams these days. If you are aspiring to crack SSC exams and feeling stressed out then consider joining the best institute for SSC Coaching in Delhi and give your preparations a flying start.

Ignore noise

When you are preparing for government exams then you’ll often come across people giving you unwanted advice. Some may suggest you quit the preparations and get a private job.  If you are appearing for the second or third time then in such a case you may face harsh criticism from your friends and family, See you need to ignore all this as it’s just unnecessary noise that serves no purpose but to distract your attention away from your goal. You have to stay focused and determined and not let the opinions of others affect your preparations at any cost.

Wrapping it up

So staying healthy is of paramount importance while preparing for government exams. If you fall ill your dreams and aspirations can all go way down the bin. So follow the above tips and stay healthy and fit. 

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