MCSE 70-290 Certification Primer

Microsoft certification is one of the most widely appreciated, pursued and achieved technical certifications in the IT industry. The demand for Microsoft certified experts in the employment market is increasing every year.

Microsoft offers many authentication levels according to the specific field of professional proficiency and nature. Some of the network certifications are as follows:

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
Microsoft certified system administrator (MCSA)
Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)
Each certification level has a specific test related to it. You can determine the appropriate certification test based on experience, skills and interests.

Microsoft certification benefits

Microsoft certification provides standard methods for testing employee skills. This certification provides an effective benchmark to evaluate employees’ ability to the employer. This provides recognition and rewards according to expertise.
Microsoft’s certification provides a baseline to determine the knowledge, skills and expertise in this field to future employers. Certification can provide additional advantages if you have the same level of experience as other people who are not certified.
Certification is a valuable tool if you have no experience or if you have little experience. The certification you are holding can prove your employer and consultant about your knowledge and reassure you. This helps secure a good job and negotiate a good salary.
Microsoft certified prerequisites (recommended)

To pursue this certification, you need at least one year of experience.

Implement and manage network operating systems in an environment with 50 to 26,000 supported users in about 3 to 150 physical places.
Implementation of network services and applications such as files, printing services, database services, messaging services, proxy server or firewall service, dial -in server service, web hosting.
Implementation and management of desktop operating systems.
Design of network infrastructure with three or more domain controllers.
Microsoft Windows Server 2003’s Microsoft Certification

Microsoft has developed an independent certification requirements for Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Applicants can directly prove Mcse/MCSA on Windows 2003 if the certification process is first. If the applicant is already MCSE /MCSA, which has already been certified by Windows 2000, you can secure Windows 2003 certification according to the Windows 2000 MCSES upgrade path. If Windows NT4.0 applicants are certified by MCSE in MCSE, you can get MCSE in Windows 2003 by following the Mcses upgrade path of Windows NT4.0.

The exam is slightly more difficult than the Windows 2000 counter part, but it actually tests practical knowledge. This is because it is the most important part of guarantee that certification is reliable.

Test 70-290: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Management and maintenance of the environment

The test 70-290 is the first of the MCSE-certified core test series.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment (MCSE 70-290) Examination and maintenance will achieve Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) status. You will also acquire credit for the following certification.

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Certification
Core credit for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 certified Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
The purpose of the MCSE 70-290 test is as follows.

Purpose 1: Management and maintenance of physical and logical devices

For this purpose, it is necessary to prove expertise in managing and maintaining physical and logical devices. As an administrator, you need to understand the use of tools such as basic and dynamic disks, RAID configurations and troubleshooting, drivers, and device managers and hardware troubleshooting wizards. Get used to the device manager and the warnings found when there is a problem with the installed device and invalid icons.

Purpose 2: Management of users, computers, groups

This purpose includes many topics, so you need to be prepared to face many questions classified in this category. Please introduce a healthy introduction of profile management, users and group accounts, permission, and troubleshooting. Perform a lot of practice on the GPO, perform a variety of management tasks, including desktop settings, security setting control, script assignment, folder redirect, and software distribution. Also, please clearly understand inheritance and filtering.

Purpose 3: Management and maintenance of access to resources

Knowing the composition, monitoring, audit, and troubleshooting of the NTFS permit -based problem is one of the most important areas that needs to know this concept thoroughly, shared with shared authority/NTFS permit. I will end. do not do

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