Where to Head to, for iPhone Glass Replacement?

Have you broken your expensive iPhone glass? Now you are wondering what you need to do. Should you buy another iPhone in a tip-top shape? Or, fix your broken iPhone glass to save some money and rejuvenate your iPhone. The second option is more affordable for you. Besides, buying a new iPhone will cost you a large sum of money. You should find your options for iPhone glass replacement to fix your broken iPhone. We shall also suggest to you the options to help you choose the right one for iPhone glass repair.

Whom to Choose for iPhone Glass Repair?

You can turn to Apple Store or a third-party phone repair shop like Cell Fixx to repair your broken iPhone. Nevertheless, Apple repairs don’t suit many iPhone users because of the time and money they typically cost. Thus, most iPhone users head to cell phone repair shops to revive their broken iPhones. You may also choose this option if you don’t prefer Apple repairs for any reason. However, you should keep certain things in mind before you choose either of the two aforementioned mentions. We are going to mention them in this post to help you choose the best option for iPhone glass repair:

Should You Choose Apple Repair? 

iPhones come with one year of hardware repair coverage through a limited warranty. You should also read the fine print on the warranty of your device to see if it covers specific damage. Moreover, AppleCare+ protection extends coverage to two years from the purchase date. Protection prices vary contingent on the iPhone you own. Protection plan for old iPhones will cost you less as compared to the newest iPhones. You can buy an AppleCare+ protection plan within sixty days of your purchase of an iPhone. Hence, you should consider buying this plan in the specified time frame to utilize it when your iPhone suffers damage.   

If your iPhone is under warranty, and you have the AppleCare+ protection plan, Apple repair will suit you. You can affordably get the problem fixed from Apple if you can utilize the AppleCare+ protection plan. Contrarily, the price for iPhone repair will significantly increase if your iPhone doesn’t have the AppleCare+ protection plan. You will need to pay more on iPhone repairs if you own the most recent model of iPhone. Additionally, some independent iPhone repair shops are also Apple Authorized Service Providers. Considering one of them may also help you fix your broken device at an affordable price.

Should You Choose Third-Party iPhone Repair? 

The best alternative to Apple repair for iPhone repair is a third-party repair shop. Besides, you can find many third-party iPhone repair shops in the same city, in contrast to a few Apple Stores. By the same token, third-party iPhone repairs seem the most convenient option to many iPhone users. Third-party iPhone repairs include private businesses and chain stores. Some of the third-party repair shops are Apple-Authorized Service Providers, as well. We have already mentioned that earlier in this post to you. 

However, unauthorized third-party repair shops can also buy genuine iPhone repair parts for iPhone repairs. If you want to make sure you are availing of iPhone repair from an authentic iPhone repair shop, ask for repair parts beforehand. Credible iPhone repair shops deploy OEM parts to fix broken iPhones. Hence, you can count on a third-party repair shop for iPhone glass replacement that uses genuine Apple parts.  

More often than not, third-party iPhone repair shops are your best option for iPhone repair. Nevertheless, Apple repair may suit you sometimes, specifically when your iPhone is under the AppleCare+ protection plan. Asking yourself the following questions will help you choose your best option for iPhone glass repair:

  1. Do I have the AppleCare+ protection plan to consider Apple repair?
  2. Will Apple repair cost me less than third-party iPhone repair?
  3. Do I have the time to make an appointment with Apple Store for iPhone repair?
  4. Will Apple repair cost me a significant amount of money?
  5. Is there any Apple-Authorized third-party iPhone repair shop near my area?
  6. Will Apple Repair cost me more than third-party iPhone repair?

Answering these questions will help you choose your best option for iPhone repair. 


When you break your iPhone glass, you won’t feel happy about that. iPhones are expensive phones, and you will like to keep your iPhone in a tip-top shape to avoid decreasing its resale value. Nevertheless, if you somehow break your beloved phone glass, you can get it replaced. You can either choose an Apple Store or a third-party iPhone repair shop for iPhone glass replacement. Apple repairs will suit you the best if you have the AppleCare+ protection plan. More often than not, third-party iPhone repair will suit you the best. Lastly, knowing your priorities and budget in advance will help you choose the best option for iPhone repair. 

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